About Sean Morley

Sean-Face.jpgHello, my name is Sean Morley, the owner and operator of Morley's Muscle. Born in 1970, along with the peak of the musclecar era, it is no coincidence that I would be addicted to power! Growing up around musclecars all my life has fueled my desires for my ever growing addiction to going fast.


I grew up with musclecars all around the house, and even learned to drive in a 68 Camaro with our LS6 Chevelles 454 engine installed into it. My dad had always had Yamaha motorcycles so it was only natural that I follow suit. My fist bike I learned on was my mom's 80 650 Maxim. After getting my feet wet with that bike (and tearing it up – lol), I moved on to dad's 750 Maxim. From there I bought my first bike (which I still have) – an 83 Seca Turbo.

My education includes a bachelor's degree with focus in computer programming, as well as CCNA, MCSE, Win2K, (along with other computer related areas). My "Day Job" finds me working in the aircraft industry at one of the worlds premier fuselage building companies – Spirit Aerosystems. 


There I have worked as a mechanic/assembler and currently support the shop as a trouble shooter/investigation specialist. By night I work on my true passion – primarily the Yamaha VMAX!!!

Besides the obvious obsession with Vmax, I have 2 older daughters (as made famous in our youtube videos), a younger son born Dec 2010, and a new daughter born Oct 2013 who like to keep me busy. We like to fish, bowl, and watch movies. I try to get to the dragstrip a few times a year and have one large event where we invite as many Max riders as we can get to race together. There just isn't enough time in a day!

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