We think our products and services are Rock & Roll!  But don’t take our word for it.  Below are just a few examples of what some of our customers have to say.

“Got the seat yesterday and threw it on after work but didn’t have time to ride, plus it was way too cold made a detour today in my travels and stopped at home for a short run on the bike between driving from north west pa (close to erie) to south east (below harrisburg) the detour was worth it! Weather was great today, roads fairly clear. Seat LOOKS EXCELLENT and FEELS EXCELLENT.”

Mike B.

“Hey Sean, I do have good news to pass along. I did just get back from a long 2 day ride. Day one was 490 miles, and day two was 553 miles. Your Muscle seat is excellent!! I was comfy for this long ride. I wont say that my ass didn’t get sore, but nowhere near how it would of been on the stock seat. Just wanted to pass this along to you, that your design works well. It has been on my bike for 14 months is still looks as good as the day I installed it.”


“Hello Sean, Yes I did get my seat. My neighbors had taken in my package & was a few days before we got together. I am very satisfied with my new seat. Your workmanship is top notch! Seat looks great on the bike & really changes the ride of the bike. Changes it for the better. I now sit a bit lower & changes the way the air passes over me. The comfort is allot better then then the stock saddle. This was well spent money. Thanks for your excellent service & excellent product.”


“Sean, Got the seat on today, love it. I’ll ship my old one back to you on Monday, thanks alot.”


“Seat is AWESOME! What a difference… My cores will head your way this week! Thanks again!”


“Hey man, sorry it’s taken so long to ship my core seat back to ya. Had a few things goin’ down last week and didn’t get a chance to do it. But I did get to test out the seat u sent me, WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! My butt used to be the first thing that hurt pretty good, but now it’s my hands from the drag bar vibration. I rode it about 120 miles yesterday and it did great!!!”

Thanx a lot

“First things first Sean, I just received and installed the seat (the pictures do not do it justice) this frigging seat is awesome, it not only feels good but is extremely well made and the material is top notch, on my bike it is hot!. Needless to say I ‘am very pleased. I will send pics of the seat and the chrome wheels later on this weekend. …………..Again the seat is hot and you should tell your man NICE JOB.”

Thanks and Take care,

“Sean, Great seat!! It was a great ride home on my new seat. Looks and feels wonderful. Can you reply with your shipping address so that I can send you the rear seat pad and some money? We had a great time and I hope that you had a successful trip out and will make it again sometime and that your trip home was safe!!”

P.S. The wife loved it, for her, it was definitely a 650 mile seat!! And that makes me happy!!

“Sean, I received my seat! Very nice. Much more comfortable than the original and looks awesome with the carbon fiber on my tank cover and fenders. Thanks very much! I will get my seats to you asap.”


“Hi Sean, I have put about 650 miles on my 1260 since I picked it up. I just wanted to say thanks again and let you know that it’s running great and that motorcycle is a freakin’ rocket, and I just love it. I was faster than the guys I ride with when it was a 1200, since the rebuild now I am a helluva lot faster than my ridin buddies. They think i’m crazy stupid especially when we were getting on the highway and I pull wheelies past them in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on the on ramp and then run it up to 135-140 before shutting it done since i’m not running a detector yet. Something happened to me a few days back on the way home from work that has never happened before, I came up on another Vmax. I caught him at a light, we were both in a turn lane and he looked over and then saw that it was a max and smiled and “thumbs upped” he had what looked like the Cobra slash cuts but only on one side, I followed him thru the turn since I didn’t know how skilled of a rider he was, we got thru the turn, I was about 30′ behind him and he just hammers it, so I had to as well, I ran him down and got past him then shifted into 5th and he came around me so I downshifted back to 4th and went back past him again HARD. We were coming up to another intersection and he started slowing down so I turned around and waved but he didn’t wave or nothing, I think that might have been the first time his max got beat. I’m sorry if I upset him hahahaha. This all happened on a 4 lane arterial road that has a quarry on side and a small (10,000 seat) arena on the other, the problem is that the Sheriff’s deputies like to hide out in the arena parking lot and here I am doing 130 something racing another Vmax past the place. Anyway thank again for building me a tough, reliable, FAST cruise missile. Now I really need to upgrade the braking and handling. Anyway take care and thanks again.”

Scott S

“Hey guys I said I would post about the 1500 after I installed it and got a few miles on it. To begin with the v-max engine R & I is one of the top five easiest engine swaps I have ever done. Got it shipped to me last Monday had it in the bike painted, detailed, semi tuned and in the truck loaded ready for Daytona by Wednesday night. Sean Morley busted his ass to get this thing to me with enough time to make it happen. One word -Awesome. This thing makes the torque a stock max should – in my opinion. I can’t see my self going backwards power wise now. Its a 11 to 1 JE pistoned 05 block with mildly ported heads and 03 cams, undercut trans, double d clutch. Running stock carbs and v-boost for now till I get the flatslides dialed in. It has numerous other upgrades that are too many to list. One I will talk about is the solid mounts. This bike has been plagued with the wobble/weave problem. Call it what you will-never seen much above 115.done racetech fork build with emulators, new avons, steering head re-grease & adjustment a few times and progressive shocks. None of it made a difference. I did two things that made a huge difference in how this bike responds to bumps and power delivery. One is the mounts the other is a readjustment of the rear swingarm. I found the right hand locknut maybe twenty foot lbs -should be 74. Didnt check preload upon dissassembly but I adjusted it to spec going back together. Now wot in fifth even hard fourth to fifth shifts -steady as a rock. Before you would not want to do either of those. Yes the solid mounts show a little more vibration at certain speeds but who cares i’m shooting for a Cadillac cts not a Deville. In my opinion it is the best 75 bucks one could spend on this bike. B ut first anyone who is having handling /wobble issues needs to check not only the steering head brg preload but also the swingarm to make sure both are set up properly. Back to the motor. You do not have to turn this engine hard to get the bike really moving. No need to twist it to the redline. It makes plenty of power around 7 or 8 grand. strong low end and midrange that goes and goes. It will slap run you out of gear ratio with the max diff and final drive. I had the option to go with the royal star fifth but at the last minute decided against it. So venture diff is next to see how that stacks up. The double d clutch is more than the pcw spring in my 1200 but its not a bad lever pull even with the stock master. I rode around in bike week traffic all week and I didn’t even notice it much. I like the gripping strength -would like to see same setup with my pcw spring – I may swap em out this summer just for shits and giggles . The undercut trans is money well spent it shifts smooth as glass and much faster without the clunky feel. I wont have a motor in a max without that modification again. All in all the 1500 is easily 30 to 40 percent stronger running than the stocker and just as easy to ride slow. Jump on the gas and it has bigggg nuts. Ran cool all week not any hotter than the 1200 and all with a stock rad and cooling system. This was money well spent. Thanks Sean Morley I’m a happy critter.”


“Sean just a note to let you know I got the Carillo “A” beam rods today as promised. I can’t thank you enough. I dropped them off at my mechanics shop and even he was impressed with workmanship in these rods and the weight savings. Thank you very very much. Thanks to you my 92 Max will be up and running in a few days now. You’re a straight up guy Sean Thank You! C.J. I would like to personally thank Sean Morley for his outstanding service. Last winter I ordered a set of Carrillo A-Beam Rods from Sean for my 92 Vmax project. A few days after I ordered the rods and paid for them. Sean emailed me to say that he was having trouble getting the rods from his dealer. I must say I was pretty bummed because the rods were the only thing I needed to complete my engine rebuild. But Sean saved the day! Instead of making me wait he sent me a set that he had bought for his Vmax project. Now thats service! Thanks to you Sean my Max is up and running again. Yeah I know some of you Maxxers think that the Carrillo rods are overkill in a somewhat stock Vmax. But I’m telling you all they are worth every penny! My 92 now turns up quicker and pulls harder than ever before. For just a few bucks more than OEM rods the Carrillos are in my opinion the most bang for your buck! hats off to you Sean. I hope I meet up with you in the future so I can shake your hand and buy you a beer! Cheers! CJ Followup: Hi Sean! First of all I’d like to thank you again for the great deal on the Carrillo rods I bought from you year before last. These rods in my Max made an awesome difference. Thanks! Second; I’d love to get a new muscle seat but I do not have a stock seat to send you. I have a corbin on my Max right now and I just hate the way it feels. Is it possible to get a muscle seat from you out right? What I’d really like is a 3 piece set in black with Vmax embossed in the center flip section. (Thats if the font used for the Vmax logo is the correct font) Let me know if this is possible. Otherwise I guess I need to find a stock seat to send ya. Email me some pictures of the seat and the price without core. Thanks C.J. Johnson
I just got back from my first ride and couldn’t be happier with the results. Everything worked well and no leaks.I thought the RS 5th gear was excellent it shifted great and it was nice to cruise 60MPH at 3000RPM.Thanks again for all the help.”


“Hey Sean; got everything in, and i’am now Happy with the oil pressure that the pump is putting out, i just got back went about 150 mi. to make sure everything was ok; all is well, 10 to 15 psi at idle after engine is at running temp. much better than the 0 psi that i had before. just wanted to say thanks again for the quick service that you provided.”

Byron D

“Last fall – no strap on the front end – K&N and full Kerker exhaust (pretty shitty tire) R/T… .279 60′… 1.931 1/8… 7.468 MPH… 96.31 1/4… 11.597 MPH… 117.48 Last Saturday – strapped front end, Morley Muscle Kit, Kerker, and fairly fresh tire R/T… 0.163 60′… 1.939 1/8… 7.368 MPH… 98.77 1/4… 11.325 MPH… 123.43 I picked up very close to 6mph and lost over a quarter of a second in the ¼ mile with your kit. The 60’ times were fairly close so it may be a pretty decent representation on the improvement with your carb kit. now I just need to work on my launches! Thanks!”


“Subject: A Vmax Story on the Topeka HD Dyno Day Topeka Dyno Year 2006: • Max is a 99 with a 4 into 1 Kerker – 1.5” baffle and full time boost – the butterfly was replaced with a straight tube before I bought it. • Dyno #1 104 .71 RWHP, 69.41 Torque o Was running real rich so pulled one washer off the needles • Dyno #2 105.40 RWHP, 77.03 Torque – thought it was 111 but I dug up the report and it showed only 106 – pathetic! Topeka Dyno Year 2007 • Changes from Year 2006: o 7K more miles – 32K total mileage o New Double-D Clutch o 2.5” baffle o Two Main Jet Size reduction, from 155 mikuni to 150 mikuni o Iridium spark plugs • Dyno #1 118.53 RWHP, 77.48 Torque o Still running a little rich, even with jet size change o Put Morley’s airbox and crank case tube on • Dyno #2 122.52 RWHP, 78.60 Torque o Running lean • Put the 155 back on and now need a new tire, I mean it is kicking some ass now – I bet it would do 126 or so on the dyno now if not better. Hope this info makes it to the Vboost in this years Topeka Dyno story, sure would like to clear Mr. Max’s name from the bad performance the year before! Oh yea, and with all these changes my gas mileage went from around 29 mpg to about 36 mpg!”

Lance L.

“I finally got a chance to run the kit through the course. Out of the box settings were close enough to ride but I needed to get better tuning out of it. Back ground: Stock motor, UFO 4-2-2, Dyna 3K set on curve #3, 4200’ elevation. V-boost controller set to ramp at 2500 RPM. I stayed with the 152.5 mains, at first I thought they would be a bit lean at my altitude but they don’t cause any high RPM fade, and they pull hard! I kept a diary of my clip changes so I wouldn’t get lost, I started on the first clip and went to the fourth both with Paul C’s thin shim, thick shim, and both shims together. Clip #2 with the large shim gave me the quickest RPM rise and was the smoothest from 2000 RPM on up and the plugs looked paper bag tan. I experimented with the PAJ1 and settled with the 100. 177’s in the PAJ2 gave me better air fuel mix adjustments. Now onto the highway; I gassed up and hit I-5 for 180 miles (5.5 gal tank) between 75-85MPH. My mileage was 40. If I keep it between 65-75 it goes up to 42 MPG. I don’t have the discipline to try it at 55 MPH; I imagine it would be in the 44-45 ranges. I can get around 165-170 miles in town to the red light, and 230 miles on the highway running between 65-70 MPH. I haven’t tried these ranges or mileage checks with the v-boost opening at 2500 RPM yet, the only time I was in the boost was when it comes on at the factory 6000 RPM. I’m sure the mileage drops some with the boost on full time but with the extra 1.5 gallons of gas I have I’m still ranging farther than the stock tank mileage and 40 MPG at an average of 80MPH… I can’t complain. The only way I can compare the power increase is against my buddies stock Max. It definitely pulls harder and quicker than stock. Shifts are quicker, I actually use my shift light now because there’s much less time to look down now as ever. I’m also running the venture rear so our gearing is off set so the stock Max has an advantage. But I still pull away. Cleaning the filter is a breeze, and the evil sounds that come out of the faux cover gives me chill bumps EVERY time, followed by an evil grin… Thanks for all the help and advice on this mod.”

L8r Kenny P.

“So got you’re kit in and am very happy. Bike runs great and it’s smooth and not moody. It’s definitely superior in my opinion to the 7 for the average guy. May not out hp the 7 up top but I’ll take the better low and mid range and consistent running over 2-3 top end hp. I went sort of on my own set up wise. Stuck with 152.5 mikuni’s and needle on 3rd clip. I know it may sound like I’d be rich on 3rd but it likes it, and runs great and pulls hard through the rpm. The cool air may be a factor and change things from normal a bit??? It still doesn’t seem to pull quite as hard up top as I’d like but it didn’t with the 7 either and I think that at this elevation, that’s all i’am gonna get. It is what it is. 3000-3500 feet above sea level is a bunch and it’s not the max’s favorite place to be. So thumbs up man, we nearly nailed it right out of the box and she’s runnin strong.”

thanks Dylan

“Hi Sean, The seat arrived last night and it’s a beaut! You were not kidding about it looking awesome. As soon as this downpour ends I’ll install it and send you some pics…if it feels as good as it looks you may have to expand your inventory and sell this kind of thing in volume!! Thanks again, Blaine Followup: Hi Sean, I healed up well enough to take my Vmax and your seat out for a couple of good runs and it’s awesome. It figures, I just get a comfy seat and a backrest for my wife to enjoy and she goes and gets her own bike!”


“Sean, I received a call from John Gainey (PCW) today about my motor (1500 tourmaster). John ran the motor with the carbs and 4 individual K&N Air Filters on his dyno in his fixture bike. Bike made about 160 HP and 105 Ft. Lbs torque. Then put your airbox on and pulled 162 HP and 110 Ft. Lbs of torque. John was very impressed with your airbox. While this was a phone conversation, he promised to send me paperwork to document the results. He rejetted your carbs, I think 145 mains, details will come with my motor. I asked what to expect with my 39mm Flatsides, John guessed no more real HP but would expect 2 or 3 more Ft. lbs of torque. Maybe even 115. Again, John is very impressed with your airbox. Having not seen it, ??? Motor should ship next Monday, but I am having it repainted with black emron paint first. Will be very tight to make the Ozarks Rally with the 1500. I will be there, but may be with my spare stocker. My painter took 2 weeks to paint this spare I am running. I am planning to make Eureka on Thursday evening. I know you are doing Thunder, otherwise I would say maybe we can find a local dyno and I can just bring my 1500 with me to put in and test Friday. No big deal, I will git er done. Thanks for your support on this. Safe riding and enjoy Thunder.”

Rick R.

“Sean, I received the chrome today. It looks fantastic! It’s been a pleasure doing business with you yet again.”

Thanks alot Lee H

“I got the box yesterday…parts look awesome!”

Thanks, Buck

“Hi Sean! Thanks for sending express when ready – received the parcel today… Outstanding work as promised!!!. Thanks a lot for your services. I’ll be back to you when I need some more smoothies…”

Cheers Aage

“Parts made it in today. They look incredible!!!”

Many thanks Kelly

“The new bars are great, feels kinda weird at first, but I think that they are one of the first must haves for the max.”


“Sean, I received the superbike bars today for my 1992 VMax. I put them on and went for a ride. The bars have changed my seating position in a good way – I’m sitting more upright (no slouching in my back) and it puts my upper body a little forward and a bit over the fake tank. As you know, leaning slightly forward is not an unwise idea on these bikes.”

Nice product and thanks for the advice. it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Glenn Brown Willow Grove, PA

“Hello Sean,
Well, after riding the bike for the first time since I started all of the upgrades/maintenance in early January it was the first time I got to test out the brakes on the road. You’re spot on with these calipers, they work great and the squeeze of the handle is perfect! I won’t be sending them back even if you asked me to!!!
And holy hell, the response in the midrange is very impressive! Your jet kit does wonders for the whole range, but I could really tell the difference in the mids.

Thank you again for all of your help.”